Welcome to the CCA

Vision Statement:
South Gulf County Florida is, and will remain, a friendly, quiet, uniquely charming, low density residential shoreline community. The Coastal Community Association’s goal is for South Gulf County to develop in harmony with the beautiful natural coastal environment and be supported by necessary services and amenities for the needs and convenience of its residential community.  
Issues:  Coastal Community Association is working on many issues that affect the quality of life and the environment in South Gulf County. For more information about some of those issues, please visit our Pending Issues page.If you’re a new resident, welcome!  We need the power of your vote in local elections, so don’t forget to register.  For registration and candidate information, visit the Gulf County Supervisor’s excellent site at www.votegulf.com.Your Invitation:
Will you join us in efforts to preserve the beauty of South Gulf County while improving the quality of life? Please visit our Membership page for more information.

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