State of Emergency Order

The Board of County Commissioners held an Emergency Meeting this morning, 07/12/17, to address issuance of a State of Emergency Order for the storm, Cindy.  It passed unanimously.

  1.  Cape Shoals Unit 1 had asked for an received an Emergency Order for their structural damage to be repaired earlier and it was issued by BOCC.
  2. This morning the State of Emergency Order allowed ANY front beach owner on the Peninsula who had damage from the storm to move to emergency status.
  3. This order from BOCC allows the property owners to move through the DEP process in about 2 weeks, as opposed to the full blown 6-9 month process, so that they can address their needed repairs and replacement of sand under their structures in a timely manner to prevent further structural problems.
  4. DEP permitting is REQUIRED prior to moving sand or doing structural repairs on the front beach properties.  Significant fines can occur without obtaining the permit.
  5. The BOCC waived any permitting fees from the County for the affected homes for 60 days.  This does NOT waive fees for DEP,  but the action saves considerable time and money for the property owners.
  6. The property owners are entirely responsible for the cost of any and all repairs and sand replacement for their own property.  The County is NOT responsible for and will not participate in any costs.

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