Hurricane Irma Update

Here is the latest update from BOCC decision at their 8 AM Saturday meeting.  Very IMPORTANT

  1.  Irma is shifting more to the West which is not good news for us.  The further west the eye comes the more dramatic our impact so watch the news for how the path goes.  It will continue to be a huge storm so there is no way it is not going to get us.   If it continues on the path it is on now and shifts even a small amount we could  have a Cat 1 or Cat 2 with beginning impact Sunday night around 10-12 pm and continuing on into Monday.  If it shifts slightly to the East we will have less winds.  The further to the East the eye, the less impact.  There will be another meeting at 6 pm today to determine if there are any more mandatory closures.  The winds and storm surges and waves can continue for some duration.
  2. Mandatory Evacuation-IMMEDIATELY
  3.  ALL RV/trailers in the Coastal Corridor from ST. Joe Beach through the Franklin County line-including Presnells, Indian Pass and St Joe State Park Campgrounds.
  4. St Joseph Peninsula North of the Stump Hole-Residential and Commercial-guests and permanent residents.
  5. Voluntary Evacuation-Immediately
  6. All properties South of 98 to the Gulf, including Indian Pass, Cape San Blas, Simmons Bayou, Jones Homestead-C30A and SR 30 A.
  7. St Joseph Beach
  8. Basically the tourist corridor
  9. All RVs and Trailers in low lying areas throughout the County
  10. Storm Surge-projected unless it moves further West-then higher
  11. 1-3 foot surge with 9-10 waves on the Gulf side
  12. Indian Pass lagoon will have early impact with probably coverage of road.  The historic evacuation route through Painted Pony, Canoe Lane, and Barefoot has been graded by the County and will be open.
  13. It is anticipated the rocks will be breached and possible asphalt damage.  There will be probable no passage of traffic and it could pose a danger even if it does not wash out.  It will be closed to traffic completely.  CW Roberts is working Saturday morning to shore the rocks on either end as much as possible.
  14. Once the eye has passed, the Bay will already have high water but can expect a storm surge pushing water into the Bay making the head of the Bay to Simmons Bayou have problems from the rising water.
  15. There are sand bags delivered to the Indian Pass Raw Bar by the County for residents to get.
  16. Winds
  17. The least sustained winds anticipated  would be tropical storm 45-50 mph with gust (best case scenario) and the probable at a Cat 1 would be 75 mph plus sustained with gusts.
  18. The Gulf County Emergency Shelter at Honeyville which holds 200 people and is not set up for special needs and is NOT pet friendly is not opened yet.    Calhoun County has opened their shelter in Blountstown as of Saturday afternoon for Gulf County Residents but it is not pet friendly.
  19. BOCC will reconvene at 6 pm this afternoon to consider more mandatory measures.

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